SeFi ll–

SeFi ll– Seelie Male


The SeFi ll– is a very rare shade and I have simonemusic (Joseph) to thank for bringing this one to my attention. What we see here is what Fi energy looks like contained within the composure of Pe:

^ Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Ji Meticulous Hands (subordinate)

Notice here how his body is going inward, with the hands receding towards the torso, the eyes falling downward, and his composure overall very tentative. However, he lacks all Ji rigidity and does not have the Ji “spine” or poise signal we see in Ji-lead samples. This slowdown and inner retreat is happening within a P-lead loose body, which still causes the hands to lack angularity, appearing as P Casual Hands, and for the body to lack overall coordination and unity.

^ P Loose Body Swaying + Ji Eyes Disengage Down
And again here we see this curious juxtaposition of inner retreat within a liquid and ongoing body rhythm.


As an individual, Daniil is an artistic prodigy who (so far as I can tell) has found a wonderful way to blend his Se’s sensational acuity with his Fi’s emotional resonance. His performances are dynamic, passionate and embed his personal energy deep into each keystroke. Although I don’t know him too well I sense there is something zany and manic about his style; a kind of unhinged approach that enjoys fast pace improvisation (as many Pe’s do) that can channel his inner affect. He is seelie which is also quite rare. More on this shade as samples come in.

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