SeFi l-l-

SeFi l-l- Unseelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

Here we see the l-l- development.
I have to make special note as to what differentiates conscious from unconscious Te in this case. It is not solely the level of energy but how that energy is structured. In brief:

– Unconscious Te: flailing, uncoordinated, horizontal
– Conscious Te: accentuated, forward, angular

With conscious Te in the SeFi, the hands land with ‘impact’, often in forward chopping motions, accompanied by parts of the face and body. Here is a GIF comparison between l— and l-l-:

^ Pe-lead + Te jitteriness
^ Here we see a high-energy Te signal in a l— development.
The rattles are certainly expedient and impressive, but they lack structure behind them. They seep out through Pe’s bubbling momentum rather than through any Je angularity. It’s also horizontal, accomodating to the side-to-side swaying of the Pe-lead body.

^ Pe-lead + Te Gesticulations
^ Here we see a body mannerism that is still clearly Pe-lead, but which is containing a conscious Je process. The hands and head are far more angular, coming forward with force and deliberation. Yet we can see that Je does not overtake her composure entirely or cause it to become rigid. It remains loose and dynamic, but also invested in conveying a conviction.


Thus far, I don’t see the strongest psychological parallels between these particular samples, aside from acting which is a rather universal demographic and part of the general sample pool that is being investigated. However, Diana Cowern (Physics Girl) deserves special note as she is essentially the Gamma equivalent of the Ne+Te Delta Eccentric Nerd. We do see Gamma physicists such as TeNi Richard Feynman and Isaac Newton, but it’s good to see the same interest in Te+Se samples. More on this as samples come in.

SeFi l-l- Seelie Female

SeFi l-l- Unseelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

The same vultology notes above apply to these samples as well. But I’d like to make just a passive note on their psychology:


– Media Generation
– Fashion/Beauty
– Technology
– Journalism

Just as with the NeFi l-l- samples, we again see a proclivity towards mass media generation. Prolific youtube channels, especially those that archive life events with a touch if wit/banter, tend to be Pe+Je heavy. We see that James Charles intermixes his Se aesthetic/beauty/fashion interests with this media generation. Ali-A relies more on tech and is essentially a Tech Enthusiast analog to the NeFi l-l- shade. Josh Constine is likewise involved in tech (TechCrunch) and is a reporter for upcoming and existing technologies in the same vein as NeFi l-l- Jon Rettinger (TechBuffalo). Still not the biggest sample size, but patterns are indeed emerging.

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