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Vultology Report

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Submissions Will Re-Open October 15th 🙂

What’s Included:

This product includes a personalized analysis of your facial expressions, body mannerisms, voice tone and gesticulations. In this report you will discover what your cognitive type is, what the strength of your four functions is, what your unique development is and whether you display the presence of flat affect. The report comes complete with the following items:

  1. Type + Development: You will be given a type designation at a resolution of 1 in 1024.
  2. Tally Sheet: Your printable report will arrive to you by email with a PDF tally sheet that shows which of the 110 (+8) signals you display.
  3. GIF + Screenshots: Animated images and/or screenshots will be included with the email which demonstrate your most prominent vultology signals in action.
  4. Closest Matches: Alongside your visual report, we will connect you to any other samples we have who match your exact vultology, if any are available.
  5. Community Portal: You will also receive access to our community portal where you can connect with others who display your same visual signals.

How to Submit your Video:

We will need two videos of you in different settings or times, to get a broader scope of your expressive profile. The videos should be between 5-10 minutes long. Have the camera capture you from the waist up with freedom of movement of your hands. The camera must also be positioned at eye-level. If possible, record in an interview format where a friend or family member asks you questions, but if no second person is available that’s ok too. Lighting and quality is important: try to have clear lighting on your face and especially your eyes – and little or no makeup.

If you are using a phone, position it in the horizontal/landscape orientation, not vertically:

Most important, try to be as natural as possible! Being on camera can cause you to be unnaturally stiff. If you get through all the questions and still haven’t relaxed, continue to talk freely until you’ve acclimated to the setting. This will ensure the most accurate reading. Tip: You can record one of the videos in your most comfortable state and then try to make the other one more animated.

Random Questions:

It’s best if your answers to questions are not premeditated, in order for the video to capture the way in which you approach new information. To help with this, the following 5 questions are generated at random with each page view. Feel free to refresh the page anytime to get a new listing of unfamiliar questions.


You must be 18 years or older to submit your video for analysis. Please also note that this vultology report may not match your self-typing according to other typological systems, and only represents a proper typing within the Cognitive Typology system. Also, while we aim to predict your personal psychology through your expressions, this report is primarily a service for the identification of your expressive profile. Our report may not necessarily match your self-perception and is chiefly meant to provide you with a window into how you gesture and how your expressive signature compares to that of other individuals in our ever-growing database. Be advised, this service is non-refundable! Turnaround time is 4-7 days.

Opt into Database?

Would you like to be a part of our research project? If so, click “Yes” on the option above to contribute to your data to our database! By leaving this checked “Yes”, you agree to let Cognitive Typology use a 2:00-2:30 minute portion of your video as an example of your specific development and to use the clip for educational purposes. We take your privacy very seriously and will be sure to not include highly sensitive or personal information in the selected clips. Surnames are also omitted by default and first names may be replaced with an alias upon email request.

If you check “no”, Cognitive Typology will not use your clip in our public database or in public resources, however please note that by purchasing this product you automatically consent to allow the Cognitive Typology’s core team to use your video for our internal research and vultologist training.  Thank you very much!