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Cognitive Typology: Practitioner Manual for Psychodynamics (Pre-Order)


An updated theoretical architecture of the Cognitive Typology model. This book covers type differences in computation, phenomenology, cognition, behavior, mannerisms and spiritual pathways. It is also the manual that will be used in conjunction with an upcoming practitioner program.


This work is intended to be a manual for existing practitioners trained in psychodynamics. It aims to provide a means by which the Cognitive Typology model can be incorporated into the personal and clinical approach of each practitioner. This book is not itself a complete theory of psychodynamics nor is it a standalone manual for psychodynamic practice. It provides a guide through which existing specialists can expand the scope of their practice through a comprehensive integration of the phenomenon of cognitive types. It is also the manual that will be used in conjunction with an upcoming practitioner program.

When completed, the first three sections of the work will be dedicated to explaining what the types are and how to identify them from a variety of different perspectives, since the most important element to a successful clinical approach is a proper identification. The fourth section of this book, titled Mythology, focuses on the psychoanalytical approach and offers suggestions for how to lead a patient through their unique developmental journey and the integration of functions into consciousness.

Estimated Stats:

Pages: 400-500+

Release Date: 6/2021 (aspirational)

Book Size: 8.5/9′ x 11′

Pre-Orders will be accompanied by a digital download of the current table of contents, as well as quarterly email updates on the book’s progress. For paperback and hardcover copies, shipping is not included and will have a separate transaction upon the final release.

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