Pe Beta

Computational Vultological Behavioral Mythological
Vl+ Attentive / Withholding SeTi Valos
P+ Proactive Fluidity Pe – Explorer Puer / Puella

The Pe Beta

The term Pe Beta refers to a Beta type that is lead by a native-state Pe. This term is the most universal name for this type, covering all expressions of its cognition, its resulting vultology, behaviors and mythology. The term also encompasses both forms of hierarchy that we may parse out from this essential psychology. The name is agnostic regarding attributes other than J and I, and the only criteria for its identification is belonging to the Beta function quadrant and Pe energetic quadrant.

Polar Hierarchy

The function hierarchy of the Pe Beta can be understood in two ways. From the perspective of a polar hierarchy, this type is lead by Se > Ni (V), and supported by Ti > Fe (L). The hierarchy of the Pe Beta is therefore SeNi/TiFe. In this hierarchy both Se & Ni comprise the primary oscillation and central drama of the psyche, and both Ti & Fe comprise the secondary oscillation of the psyche, playing a supportive role to the central psychological narrative. Here the role of Ni is understood as the other side of Se, and the metabolic tension between Se and Ni (and their compounds) is of most importance. The SeNi/TiFe is a Perception type, and exists primarily to grasp reality through experience and time, developing a synthesis between fluid information and the nature of unfolding events over time.

Thetic Hierarchy

The other way to view the Pe Beta’s hierarchy is through the thetic hierarchy, highlighting its primary thesis (Se+Ti) as pivoted against its antithesis (Ni+Fe). From this perspective, the hierarchy of the SeTi has Se as primary, Ti as auxiliary, Fe as tertiary and Ni as polar. Both ways to view the Pe Beta’s hierarchy are valid and highlight different truths. The thetic hierarchy describes the four functions by their complementary relationship to each other, with Ti being the easiest function for Se to integrate. The Se+Ti conjunction is therefore the most seamless and natural modality for the Pe Beta to process. However, the polar hierarchy describes a less seamless but more innate relationship that comprises this type’s central struggle and objective.

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