NiTe Daria

NiTe :: Daria Morgendorrfer – Daria, although a somewhat simplified or one-sided version of an NiTe, is nonetheless a fair depiction of the Deadpan form they can take. The first episode (linked below the image) depicts one of the classic predicaments this type faces from a Micky-Mouse society that interprets their trademark dispassion as depression. She is quite heavy in Ni and Te. Often individuals who are one-sided in their personality will be prone to irritation with their polar pairs, and the show creators seem to almost intentionally personify this by giving Daria a one-sided SeFi sister.

Ni: Daria can never be amused. She carries a pair of eyes which (despite the low res cartoon animation) are permanently unimpressed. Her voice is low in volume, unemotional, and she is not proactive but instead comically and cynically reactive. She is not herself action-oriented, but waits for occasions to emerge which she can critique for their triviality and stupidity.

Te: In this snarky attitude we also see the signs of dismissive Te, as well as unseelie Fi. She is not tolerant of inefficiencies, enjoys seeing people run into logistical problems due to their lack of foresight, and herself enjoys being clever and ahead of the game. She is rational, dispassionate and stoic.

Unconscious Fi: Daria has peculiar dislikes and there are a rare few things which she will show some concern for. However, overall she is uninvested in the emotional and her feelings only show up in pointed displeasures. This reveals an underdeveloped ethical process whose only expression is within a negative context.

Unconscious Se: As with Fi, Daria has lowly developed Se, although this function (being the polar) does indirectly contribute a lot to her character by being a constant source of observations. Her many snarky comments emerge in part from her capacity to notice minute but relevant details about a situation and its unfolding.

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