NiFe lll-

NiFe lll- Directive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now this development really made things click for me. Just as we saw in the NeFi lll- development that a PJJ- development is like having a J-type embedded within a P-lead, so too with this one. Except it has a clear Conductor energy to it, but never at the loss of the Pi-lead qualia. There’s just enough Pi dominance to prevent them from appearing natively mechanical/angular, but enough J to be fairly glitchy. As we know, when both J functions are conscious in an individual we see a constant alternation between Je pushes and Ji pauses. We see this technical glitching here… embedded within a P-lead architecture.

We see in Pierce and Chuck that their energy stutters, their gesticulations are not as punchy as those of the ll– development are. Instead they’re held back by the meticulous nature of Ji, and come outward with a bit more delicacy and finesse. Even so, there is still a clear energetic toll felt in their Fe as there are two introverted functions, so their energy will be fighting to cancel down, despite a heavy J conviction.

What’s really interesting to me is how closely the dialogue in these two videos is. Both are talking about how something true for one person isn’t necessarily true for another. Again there’s a semantic delicacy in place alongside Fe’s desire to assert a given opinion. Both of these subjects are also highly interested in the structure/nature of consciousness, philosophy, psychology/typology.

NiFe lll- Directive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

As with other female samples, I don’t have enough to do a full comparison but I’m using Michael here again to show the similarities. Carolyn, Michael and Chuck are long-time typology enthusiasts but are also quite meticulous in their concepts (Ji), structured in their presentation, and take on the role of advisor/mentor.

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