NiFe ll–

NiFe ll– Directive Male


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Here we see what the NiFe looks like with conscious Fe. Notice how the body still remains viscous, inertial, and eye-centric… yet periodically there are pronounced “juts” and “pushes” that project outward to the audience. There’s a force to the delivery, a charisma behind the words, and a quickness to deliver the next point. Unlike the l— development which remains in very long zone-outs and has very smoothed out gesticulations, the ll– has some angularity. Here’s a GIF showing this effect:

Vultologically: l— becomes ll– when…
– the head nods get snappy & pushy (executing more forward juts than leanbacks and sways)
– the hands get more involved
– there’s more expedience/velocity in articulation (less slow-down)

Notice however that the body never loses it’s native Pi viscosity. Often this angularity is delivered while the head remains tilted to one side (head-tilts=P), the arms remain casual/loose, and the overall energy is relaxed. And as soon as the angular gesture is delivered, the body starts to return again to viscosity.


We see in this development –much as we’d expect– some mixture of Ni topics but some political/social involvement via Fe. These individuals are not removed/detached gurus and meditators, but are instead active members of academia and the political sphere. Ian McKellen is a gay rights activist, Julian Assange is a whistleblower that aims to ensure corruption is held accountable (re: overlap with Ni conspiracy theories), Larry King was a television host and Roger Penrose is a mathematician who also has interest in the question of consciousness as seen in this video. And we cannot forget Carl Jung who was in many ways a diagnostician of society. He was indeed a mystic, but rather than being a Guru of the l— variety which devote their life towards the Ni myth, he took a more analytical approach and became a researcher of people, and a commentator on the state of culture, the world and man.

NiFe ll– Adaptive Female


The first ~20 seconds you see the Ni-lead vultology clearest, making her look l—. But she gets into her Je/Fe after 20 seconds, revealing she’s actually ll–. This is also more clearly visible in her lectures online, where you can see ample J gesticulation and accentuation, but this was the only clearly framed video I could find of her.

What we see here is adaptive Fe smiling, adaptive head nods, shepherding social energy, etc. NiFe’s tend not to be adaptive, but I think Shauna is a clear example of what adaptive Fe looks like in this type. This section will expand once more samples appear.

NiFe ll– Directive Female

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