NiFe ll-l

NiFe ll-l Adaptive Male


Disclaimer: similar to Ray Kurzweil, this sample has signal-mixing of relaxed eye area, but all other signals indicate Ni.

Now this one is interesting. This is two extroverted functions, which is a helpful baseline of the most extroverted an NiFe can get.

What we see here –at places like 0:11– the same perk-ups & head tilts that we see in l–l Albert Camus.
However, we also see the same Fe accentuation as that of the ll– types at places like 0:32, 0:41, and so on.
Yet, both of these types of animations are momentary peaks inside of a rather inertial, viscous, and grandfatherly Ni-lead energy. Everything is returning again to the stillness and relaxation of their baseline.


Psychologically, we see evidence that despite this development, Keith remains an NiFe. Like Rajneesh and Ekhart Tolle, he is a guru of sorts who advocates being present in the moment, and to have authentic self-expression. He’s been accused of being a cult leader, and is presently involved in a lawsuit for allegedly sexually manipulating female members of his organization NXIVM.

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