NiFe l—

NiFe l— Directive Male / The Guru


Compilation (watch full screen)

It is quite amazing to me how consistent this type is in both vultology and psychology. All of them speak of such similar topics. It also surprises me that –as far as the NiFe type is concerned– the more heavy the vultology is towards Ni, the more heavily esoteric/mystical the person will always be. And this type development is the most Ni-heavy, as seen by the compilation video which essentially shows four ultra-hypnotic Ni-leads. This is the baseline from which we can work off.


– the no-self/no-ego
– meditation
– parapsychology
– telepathy / past-lives
– transcendence
– consciousness
– mysticism

It is pretty easy to see the thread tying these psychologies together, but in brief, all of them are concerned with the mind-body problem, with some form of panpsychism and/or philosophy in general. They are prone to believe in what is normally regarded as the supernatural (often framing such things as being natural but misunderstood). There’s a vector towards ego dissolution, towards transforming one’s reality via perception, and letting go of concerns. They’re generally apolitical, removed from the world and pursuing inner imagery.

I included Kurzweil at the end there for a little contrast. He’s less a mystic and more a scientist, but actually his ideas likewise absolutely center around mind-body, even though his belief is that the actualization of ourselves into a transcendent meta-state will come about through the singularity. But he holds many of the same ideas such as the eventuality of a universal consciousness forming (in his mind, via evolution). Kurzweil’s gesticulations also include some hand movements which I felt was necessary to note as the l— isn’t void of gesticulations altogether. But they’re very viscous, thick and inertial. This quality changes as we introduce a complete Fe development, as happens in the next section.

NiFe l— Directive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

The sample size here is rather small, but the same vultology and psychology patterns apply. More elaborations to come, once we have more samples of this particular shade.

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