NiFe l-l-

NiFe l-l- Directive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now here we see quite a different effect. Ni+Ti are active. This one appears more similar to the l— development, but the vultology transitions periodically into full Ti momentum halts, pauses, and eye-disengagements. We see this most clearly in GIFs like this:

^ Ti Delicate Pinching + Ti Full Emotional Neutralization + Ji Eyes Disengage Down


Not by accident, these two men are also of a more logical/rational temperament. Humberto Maturana is author of books such as “Autopoesis and Cognition”, “The Tree of Knowledge” and “The Origin of Humanness in the Biology of Love.” Martin Heidegger has books with title such as “Being and Time”, “What is called thinking?” and “Poetry, language, thought.” We see here a more heady interest in the subject of mind, consciousness and human experience. Rather than taking the mystical angle of the l— development, this one seems to be taking a philosophical and intellectual approach which is still nonetheless heavily theoretical in nature, at least from what I can gather. I’ve only skimmed at their body of works.

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