NeTi lll-

NeTi lll- Adaptive Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

As with other P(JJ) developments, this represents the maximal J energy that an NeTi can display. We see in these NeTi’s moments of Ti disengagement but also Fe articulation. All three function signals are interwoven together, such as in these GIFs:

^ Pe Momentum + Ti Momentum Halting + Fe Gesticulations

She alternates between going into herself (Ti) and coming out with force (Je) and fluidity (Pe). We see here a very easy/seamless acceleration into momentum (Pe) which disqualifies her as a Ji-lead since she lacks the TiNe energetic toll that was mentioned in the ll– post. Her posture is mostly loose in a P-lead way and her hands are P Casual Hands, but they have enough Je force to qualify as Fe conscious. It’s a curious hybridization.

^ Ti Meticulous Hands + Fe Gesticulations + P Casual Hands
And again here we see her fiddle with her fingers in a very Ji manner, with a very reviser quality of Fe gesticulations… all the while coming from a natively extroverted place of energy and momentum.

NeTi lll- Adaptive Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

The same notes above apply to this type, although we don’t have enough samples of this development to elaborate further yet. More to come.

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