NeFi lll-

NeFi lll- Seelie Female


^ Here things start to get quite interesting.
In Linda Liukas we see a very distinctly Ne-lead perky and enthusiastic vultology, but we also see moments of clearly delicate and meticulous hand gestures (1:30, 1:55). Not only that, we also see plenty of Je gesticulations and what appears to be an actual J “structure.” Unlike the NeFi l-l-, she appears to have a firmness to her posture and almost appears to be J-lead. She also delivers her points with conviction and earnestness/resolution rather than casualness. Meghan Telpner #2 (this is when she’s older) also displays this more rigid substructure.

What I believe we’re seeing here is P(JJ) …or two conscious J functions underneath a Pe lead function. It’s the exact inverse of what we saw with the TeSi lll-. While the TeSi lll- is J(PP)… here it’s almost as if there’s a polarized J-lead (l–l) embedded within a Pe-lead structure. Like the ll– development NeFi, there is poise and pauses. But like the l-l- there is energy and amplitude. But yet, like the l—, there is still soft swaying, buoyancy and head tilts.

Psychological Profile:

All of this (Ne+Fi+Te) is also reflected in their psychology. Meghan Telpner cares very much about health, self-care and happiness/wellbeing. She has a food/diet program and also a lot of advice videos about having confidence and finding meaning in life by doing what you love. Linda Liukas is a coder/programmer (Te) but one who is also advocating to bring more women (especially young girls) into coding, to educate a larger population about the beauty and “poetry” of code… and to make it a force for good in the world. Here again we see Fi motifs intermixed with Te motifs. And Zephyr is a heartfelt, liberal politician of a similar shade to Elizabeth Warren that has the agency of Te but also the care and agreeableness of a seelie Fi.

Unlike the NeFi l-l- seelie females, who have creative interests that are more entertainment-oriented, the NeFi lll- females have more Fi activism embedded into their Ne+Te. Linda Liukas is a cartoonist/childrens-book-writer like other NeFi’s, but she syncs that with her programmer interests as well as her child-education interests to create books that inspire a love for code and self-empowerment. These three women are very business-minded, but in quite a soft and seelie way.

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