NeFi ll–

NeFi ll– Seelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

^ Now this has a lot to it.
I think I’d like to explain this first with some GIFs. The following GIFs have two dynamics within them…


^ Ji Momentum Halting …leading into Pe Bubbling Momentum + Te Snippiness

Notice how contrasted these two modalities are. He goes from almost being completely stiff, to suddenly ramping up his energy to pure Pe-lead levels. What this tells me is that he is modulating one or the other. But we know he is modulating Ji because a Ji-lead never goes so easily back into bubbling momentum like that. Instead, what we’re seeing is a Pe-lead that…. momentarily halted to revise their Ji… and then release the internal evaluation and resumes their natural composure. And again here:


^ Ji Momentum Halting …leading into Pe Bubbling Momentum + Te Snippiness

The same thing happens with Sean. We see him spend a great deal of time (10+ seconds) in an almost fully still/silent state, before suddenly kicking it into high gear and going into a very animated bubbly energy. This happens multiple times for Geoff and Sean in their videos. I am reminded of what Ayoungspirit said recently that when a function is used at a conscious level it’s almost as if they “can” emulate the vultology of that function nearly how it would be as dominant. Indeed, for these split moments Geoff and Sean could pass as Ji-leads. But taken as a whole, they’re definitely Pe-leads. Sean can be seen bobbling like a pendulum, which is a level of energy that doesn’t ever appear in a Ji-lead. We can see this also in a few female samples:

NeFi ll– Seelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

^ Here you can see the clear resemblance to our member Janis, who we know to be NeFi. They’re actually twin shades!
This sheds a lot of light on the extent to which NeFi’s can be seelie and Fi-like.

All these samples show moments of heightened buoyancy, but also moments of nearly full momentum clamping. Janis in particular has moments of oscillation between Pe perk-ups and full momentum halts.

I’ve also noticed this thing with NeFi that they do with their hands, where they shift them side-to-side offhandedly like so:

SC does it a lot too.
This is a tell-tale sign of P-lead, which demonstrates that the body is overall still loose, lacking a “structure”, even though it recedes very heavily.
So if I had to summarize it, I’d say ll– consists of:

  • Natively Buoyant Energy which is still expressed easily with excitation, but which…
  • Sometimes gets clamped into near complete halts….
  • But the body never develops a rigid center scaffold from which it operates, causing their movements to “flail about” whenever they do gesture.
  • Head Tilts and Sways still abound, whenever clamping isn’t happening.
This finally feels right, and answers a lot of previous questions.
All of these samples ^ were difficult to type for the same reason. There was a weird intermixing of Ji within a Pe-lead vultology, but this explanation seems consistent with what we would expect.
And I think we were giving a lot of NeFi a “conscious Fi” designation before, but as with all these developments, conscious Fi actually means something very specific.

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