NeFi l—

NeFi l— Seelie Female / The Bubbly Fairy


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After reviewing the NeFi samples as a whole, I was mostly unsurprised to find this is the baseline for NeFi l— and is by far the most common vultology. Still I found it to be a little less “perky” than I envisioned, as I originally felt Calypso and Skua Grey could have conscious Fi. But it turns out this rather passive, flow-y, ongoing energy represents the NeFi l— baseline. As mentioned with the TeSi thread, 1 function conscious generally doesn’t have the *most* energy. They are not necessarily “jumpy” or hyped, but one gets the sense that their body is in perpetual motion. This is very different from the real ll– which we’ll touch on below.

Psychological Profile:

  • Whimsical & Curious
  • Lost in thought, tangent-chasing
  • Usually a bit “bubbly” and giggly/giddy
  • Child-like themes (i.e. children books, shows, voice-acting, drawings)
  • Prone to laughter and comedy

Kate Micucci, Charlene Yi and Kristen Schaal embody the comedian aspects of this development in their careers, but all of them have a very comedic energy. Being seelie, they are usually among the most lighthearted people and there is something eternally youthful about them which often brings a contagious enthusiasm and invitation into ‘play’. To sound a bit poetic for a moment, they’re like a butterfly which flutters about; enticing participation. They appear to be constantly living or acting out a parody; treating life as a sort of (un)staged ‘scenario’ in witty and amusing ways. It become a blur to try and define when they ‘are in character’ or out of character.

They have a sing-song voice. Skua Grey’s “hums” and “yupyups” are especially plucky. There is something dreamlike about them as their attention is never really connected to the physical but is lost chasing memes, associations or ideas. This disconnect from reality is what gives them ‘flight’. Something curious to note is that these standard development NeFi’s tend to type as “INFP” in the MBTI. I originally felt that it would take an ll– development for that to happen but apparently nearly all Ne-leads type as introverted! This is of course generally irrelevant to CT since we have very different non-social (and more metabolic) definitions of I/E and all else, but it’s worth noting that “standard” NeFi will type as INFP… even when Fi is not fully conscious as with Calypso and many others that have come and gone.

NeFi l— Unseelie Female


Compilation (watch full screen)

As you can see with Amy Lee here, especially, she doesn’t have the sprite-like voice that others like Calypso and Charlene have. But more than that, I think a proper definition of the vultology of seelie/unseelie is in order:


A vulnerability in the voice (airy)
A softer edge/tone to the body
May include wounded expression


A subtle (or strong) barrier between the Fi and the exterior
A snappier body posture, and more matter-of-fact voice
May include sarcasm, snark, etc

What unseelie is not:

Unseelie doesn’t necessarily mean ill-meaning. A lot of unseelie people are very ethically motivated, not harm-oriented, but they are also not unguarded. They’re ‘defending’ themselves against the world rather than retaining an open channel to it. You could consider unseeliness an essential “closure” of the heart valve between the Fi user and the other people. Seelie Fi users have an open channel between their heart and the world, which can either cause an effeminate delicacy or forlorn energy to emanate. Inversely, a defended heart (unseelie) will hold their own, so you won’t sense delicate ‘radiation’ of Fi energy. They might be good-willed, and be very clever/witty, but they keep the door shut and their inner vessel guarded.

Amy Lee’s unseeliness can also be registered in her dark songs, especially from before. And Britney Spears also has a sassiness to her songs, and a standoffish demeanor that speaks to the self-protection of unseelie Fi. But it’s also worth noting that NeFi’s are different from other Fi/Te users in that their dominant Ne adds a natural optimism and levity. Thus the baseline for unseelie is different in NeFi’s and they may still seem relatively agreeable and nice even when unseelie, due to that levity. But besides that, their vultology is just like that of those above.

NeFi l— Seelie Male


Compilation (watch full screen)

Now the male baseline is a little different from the women’s baseline. This is NeFi l— male even without conscious Te. You’ll notice that some snippiness is still present. We originally had SC as NeFi-Te (or l-l-) but running through all the NeFi samples has really illuminated me to what conscious Te really looks like in an NeFi male and these two samples are far below the amount of rigidity they display.

As we discussed about NeFi’s above, the analogous seems to be NeFi males identifying as ENTP or INTP even in this normal development. The fully conscious presence of Te is not necessary for the affiliation with “T” to develop in NeFi males. However, they may also resonate with the F attitude in some cases. I suspect this is an influence of male/female biology and innate psychology – and how it moves the line across the spectrum in things like interest in things (T) vs people (F).

NeFi l— Unseelie Male / The Ambiverted Science Nerd


Compilation (watch full screen)

These two have very striking vultologies; twin shades for sure. I was very excited to see how much they parallel. So again like the above, I originally though both of these were l-l- but that was when I had not considered what it would look like to have an NeFi l— + Unseelie. Previously unseelie energy was directly being correlated with strong/high-Te, while now the two variables have been shown to vary independently. Thus it had to be possible for NeFi l— to be unseelie, but any unseelie signals were immediately being interpreted as signs of fully conscious Te previously. Now, with this new revision we see a far more consistent set of parallels emerge.

But just to compare, here is a comparison against the real NeFi l-l- Unseelie Male vultology:

As you can see, …it differs from Marc and Matt.
Marc/Matt have a similar sort of jittery snippiness, but unlike Robert/Tim here, there is no “structure” to their gestures. Marc/Matt also tend to recede back into fluidity far more often, while Robert/Tim are “always on” and have the avalanching effect of a conscious Ne+Te duality.

I realize I’m skipping ahead here, but I felt I needed to in order to showcase the difference. And to set the baseline properly.
This also better fits with psychology. l-l- Tim Urban is an entrepreneur. He studied government in college, and started a business before moving onto other things. Robert Llewellyn is not only a comedian (Ne) but is also a presenter of the engineering (Te) gameshow Scrapheap Challenge. He’s considered a bit of an expert in emerging transportation and renewable energy technology.

Here we see in both Tim and Robert themes of Te Engineering/Science/Technology, as well as Business/Law/Government. As we discussed recently, autonomous manifestation of the function is part of the criteria for consciousness and the latter two express that manifestation more completely.

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