NeFi Ariel

NeFi :: Ariel – This character is also another shockingly well-presented animation of this configuration. This one is actually accurate down to the very movements of the face and particularly the eyes. Some of what is typical of this type is genetically drawn in to the character (like big alert eyes) while others are expressed in transpiring events.

Ariel is a mermaid at sea who hoards trinkets from the other world (Si) and who is fascinated by the mystery of it and unanswered questions (Ne). She eventually gets bored (“sick of swimming”) of life at sea and adventures into the land word; being persuaded at last by falling in love at first sight with a fisherman Erick. This shows an innately Exploration (Pe) driven personality with highly romantic inclinations.

This rebelliousness, independent-mindedness, spirit of exploration, yet combined with a childish and tender heart — are all attributes of NeFi. She doesn’t leave her home at sea out of spite, but simply because she has to pursue her curiosities and feelings, and because she has this type of almost blind optimism toward love and faith that it can overcome all challenges.

Sebastian words it well when he says “you can go home with all the normal fish and just be.. just be… just be miserable for the rest of your life”. This is sort of how it is for many Explorer types. Inaction is misery, and lack of change is crippling (whereas other types can fair fine in the same cycles). For Ariel, it is almost a need to explore and go further, ask her questions to get answers.

Perk Up: Her eyes during the whole Disney film are constantly perking up wide open in surprise. Her head also tilts a lot and her body is driven by the direction of her head.

Poutyness: Many times during the film she does this very characteristic NeFi thing where she childishly pouts (“hmph”) and looks off to the side with a scowl. One instance of this is when her father King Triton tells her “he’s a human, you’re a mermaid” and she answers by saying “I don’t care” with this pout (Fi).

Quirkyness: Some other highlight moments of quirkiness are when she starts to comb her hair with the fork, before realizing that’s totally not normal. Another is when Eric is teaching her about this new world and she does things like whip the horse (carriage) to full speed and jump over a gap. She does this with a crazed look in her eyes. They’re simply everywhere!

She is quite a quintessential incarnation of a certain shade of NeFi — one that isn’t hindered, but explorational and innocent.

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