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August 26, 2020 | By Auburn

We are constantly adding more people to our study, but we also accept volunteers. You can join the study and be analyzed alongside everyone we've documented so far, to see where you fit along our continuum of body expression profiles and resulting psychologies. Here are the steps to take for an evaluation:

Step 1: Submit Videos

View the instructions on this product page to record two 5-10 minute videos of yourself talking, and submit those to our team through the checkout process. As this is a privately funded research project, the labor cost for analyzing your video is $30-$60, depending on if you want a basic or detailed analysis. Visit here for our privacy policy.

Step 2: Take a Survey

After submitting your video, you'll be asked to take a psychological survey. This survey is to see whether our predictions about your psychology are correct, based on your mannerisms. If they are not a match, we use this mismatch to better improve the correlation between mannerisms and psychology. The survey results won’t be viewed by us until after we have done your visual analysis.

Step 3: Results

Your expressive profile results will be given to you as an email PDF, alongside our psychological predictions. We'll review your psychological survey results as well and debrief you on the outcome of the study. There are three possible outcomes of the study:

  • 1. Match: In the case where your psychological results match our predictions, the study will be considered a match. You'll be given links to our full length profiles that elaborate more completely on our predictions of your psychology.
  • 2. Mismatch: In the case where your psychological results do not match our predictions, the study will be considered a mismatch. This will provide vital information for us to improve our predictions in the future, to reduce the number of mismatches. Please be advised that mismatches are part of the learning process for this research project. When choosing to participate in this study, you consent to the possibility of a mismatch. In cases of both a match or a mismatch, our services are non-refundable.
  • 3. Inconclusive: In the case where we cannot determine what expressive category you fall into, or the footage is insufficient for the determination, the study will be considered inconclusive. We may request an additional video from you to help clarify your expressive categorization. After this additional video, we will give our revised estimate of your expressive categorization, and compare that to the survey results for a match or mismatch.

Immediately after purchasing your report, you'll have access to our volunteer forums where you can discuss your results, or anything else, with our community.
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