Je-3: Shoulder Shrugs

Visual Description

The person will raise/shrug their shoulders then relax them back down quickly. The body tenses then relaxes, showing the temporary presence of Judgment’s tension. These shrugs may be jittery and quick, or prolonged. They will often be accompanied by head shakes, head nods and articulation to demonstrate an emphasis of their stance.

Psychology Description

This signal reveals a psychology that is presently being guarded, to some degree, by their own rigidity in ideas/beliefs. This signal demonstrates an internal experience of dismissal, disapproval or disbelief. The body tenses as a resistance to fluidity, and as an automatic gesture related to concealment/defensiveness. This signal may imply the person has been pressed against a conceptual corner, or otherwise desires to conclude on a matter.

It’s worth noting this signal of disbelief can be benign, for example if a person says “She performed wonderfully, I had no idea she’d be that good”, a shoulder shrug may appear at the words “I had no idea”. In this context, the disbelief is being transformed into amazement. Nonetheless, it still shows a mismatch between one’s paradigm or beliefs, and the actual world; the result of which may be a reluctant reconsideration of one’s opinion/view.

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