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Personality vs Cognition

How can we quantify who we are? Our behaviors, affiliations, tastes and attitudes (in short our “personality“) can change over time and no specific attribute can be considered “us” at its foundation. We are not a collection of traits, we are the thing behind the traits but which is responsible for them all. There is a common thread that weaves together all of our behaviors throughout our lives– a metabolic thread which deals with how we compute our reality. This is our cognition, our type, and the nature of this computational process is the same from the moment we’re born to our last breath.

Cognitive Type is hypothesized to be an algorithm of information processing that predates any behavior, opinion, belief, like or dislike we possess.

From Micro to Macro Effects

However, cognition is hard to see. It lies behind our faces and we only ever see the effects of it when it has multiplied into expressions, tangible words, acts and habits from millions of computational cycles. Yet, two people with the same cognitive type will form similarities in words, acts and habits because the same cognition has a tendency to produce similar marcoscopic effects when it unravels in a human life. And so long as we’re careful not to confuse these statistically common habits for the cognition itself, we can form behavioral profiles that help us glimpse a little of what it means — tangibly — to “be” who we are.

Introductory Profile

To that end, Cognitive Type offers profiles of what we anticipate someone’s most likely behaviors, traits and attitudes will be, based on their underlying cognition.

These behavioral traits are matched to you specifically, based on your evidenced body mannerisms. This is not meant to be an “exact match” to your personality, since each person is far too nuanced and unique to be fully captured in any personality system. However, unlike standard personality systems that essentially feed you back the very same information you put into them by answering their questionnaires, cognitive type creates a profile for you without surveying you for psychological information. This means that a profile “match” has a lot more statistical validity, as it arises from a more objective methodology.

Ever Improving

Lastly, our understanding of people is always evolving, and our behavioral profiles will too as we gather more data. As our sample base expands, so too will the accuracy we are able to reach when it comes to anticipating people’s psychologies. We’re excited to have you join us on this ride, and to have your datapoints add to our research as we reach for a fuller understanding of human nature from both the inside and outside.

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