INT – Introverted Intuition Thinking

INT – Introverted Intuition Thinking

INT is a temperament that emerges when — whether by nature or modulation — the Introverted, Intuitive and Thinking attitudes of personality are exalted, and the Extroverted, Sensory and Feeling attitudes are depreciated. INT is not a type, but an overarching disposition that reflect what cognitive aspects a person’s focused on at this stage in their life.


The INT is a skeptical thinker; rational and mechanically-minded. They will approach the world by divorcing themselves from all sentimentality and view events as interlinked causal chains waiting to be understood. They treat life as one enormous riddle, and enjoy mulling over ideas in their skull. They wish to know what is real, how to distinguish it from falsehood, and will spend great efforts to tease apart the two with delicate and exacting care.

Seeking Universal Truth

But the INT doesn’t just wish to know how things work or what the mechanics of life are; he wants to grasp the underlying nature of reality through a theoretical scaffold. The specific instances or events encountered in life are less important to the INT than how they fit into an overlying knowledge framework. He is driven to understand everything from a conceptual model and will work to tweak and refine that model to fully represent the reality they see. While every person seeks to know and understand the world, for the INT this becomes a consuming obsession that will often direct their life and career in the direction of scientific investigation; mathematics, physics and philosophy. They are driven to understand the universe at the deepest level they possibly can, and often take nobody’s word for anything. They may break away from convention and be free thinkers with unpopular opinions – or they may end up as polymaths and bohemians venturing into all manner of cryptic studies. The INT must be satisfied with his own answers to questions, and will also seeks to make groundbreaking discoveries. What has already been known is not enough to captivate his interest; he wishes to know what lies at the frontier and to make headway into the unknown.

Metaphysical & Transcendent

Naturally drawn to the bigger questions, the INT turns their attention to the metaphysical. Questions such as the nature of consciousness — the Nature of Being and of existence — take a front row seat. The INT is driven into philosophy and begins to construct a “theory of the mind” as well as a personally crafted epistemology. It’s in this endeavor that they may leave, somewhat, the comforts of empirical thought and begin to speculate about the shrouded mysteries of life. The INT cannot restrain himself to the purely scientific; he will feel such a domain is dry and lacks the real answers they seek. They may turn to the works of alchemy, theology, philosophy, psychology and all manner of conceptual architectures to try illuminate their path. If no answer proves sufficient, the INT may venture to create a theory of their own.

The INT will have a wide-reaching imagination and will love speculating about extravagant fringe ideas such as the singularity, artificial intelligence, wormholes, black holes, faster-than-light travel and science fiction. It can be intoxicating to imagine what may be possible, and the INT may immerse themselves into these fantasy worlds so completely that any contact with reality is utterly lost.

Avoiding the Emotional

No human can fully escape the tumultuous world of emotions, and the INT is no exception. However, the INT will be prone to repress or ignore the feeling dimension – causing its contents to fall into their unconscious. Being detached both from sensation and feeling, and already being detached from objective experience, the INT is the temperament most disassociated from bodily presence. Whether they intend it or not, their emotional contents may be subjugated and fall out of awareness as they benefit from the luxury of a collected and uninhibited consciousness. But this clarity of mind comes at the cost of their soul.

Whether it manifests in an inability to create or maintain intimate relationships, a hollowness of purpose/meaning felt running beneath their life, or a feeling of never truly being known – the INT pays a heavy price for their stoicism even if they don’t always actively feel the cost. So long as the sentiment is out of mind, the INT may feel nothing wrong with their approach to life. However, when a situation presents itself where they are forced to engage emotionally with another person, the immaturity of their heart will show. Suddenly they may behave as a child, have irrational tantrums or display longstanding insecurities that evidence a life-long lack of emotional work. But by carefully nurturing this neglected aspect, the INT can better integrate their mind with their heart without needing to sacrifice one for the other.

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