While still in an early pilot testing stage, CT is developing a visual typing system with high fidelity and repeatability. We are paving the way for a typing methodology that offers deep insights into the psyche but which is open to falsifiability at every step. Relying on visual and audio data, CT categorizes individuals from an objective standpoint, holding this project to a higher academic standard, as we test our ideas in preparation for formal publication.

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1024 Resolution

We identify your type not just down to 1 of 16, but 1 of 1,024 through a careful discovery of your unique development. While type is intrinsic, nurture plays a role in shaping us into unique individuals. We track these differences as well, and show you which cognitive functions you have developed, what the attitude of your heart is, and where you may have opportunities for growth.

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Complete Report

Alongside your Type and Development designation, you will receive a detailed report of how we came to the conclusion we did, which includes screenshorts, GIFs and video clips of your visual signals in action. You can compare this against the Vultology Code to see your expressivity firsthand and how it is similar to those of your specific type.

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Join the Community

Immediately upon purchase, you will gain access to our exclusive community portal and will be matched to other members of our community who are of your specific development levels. Explore the possibility of networking with others like you, finding twin strangers, friends and soulmates.


Submit Your Video

To get your profile, record two 5 minute videos in different settings,
answering a few interviewer questions and we will analyze your
body mannerisms to reveal what your expressive
profile says about you.

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