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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

As briefly noted in the book, it does seem that the combination of Ni+Te can lend to a kind of “practical” magic and esotericism, as the karmic and synchronistic nature of Ni is interwoven into the objective and material domains of Te.

We see this in the SeFi crystal witches on youtube, but also in NiTe’s like Heather above. NiTe Marie Von Franz also subscribed to a more literalistic synchronistic doctrine. In contrast, it seems to me that Betas treat the esoteric somewhat more cognitively and frame their mysticism more in terms of inner transmutation of character towards a transcendent moral actualization. But I am admittedly rather ignorant of precisely how this difference plays out. Would really love to hear more thoughts from some Gamma types.

I can confirm my interest in woo is not connected to the desire of inner transmutation of character. I am focused on understanding how things work…if there are any hidden mechanisms behind “reality”, what are they? And how can they be useful to us? Can these mechanisms / divine rules be used by us to predict future events and, therefore, be better prepared when they are to come? Can we somehow tap into the energies that rule everything from underneath and make certain pointed changes that would lead to real life consequences?

These seem to be the questions I gravitate towards.

I believe that a spiritual path naturally leads to more knowledge and to a better self understanding. I don’t see this as being connected in any way to character/virtues though. It’s about knowledge and energy/power. I don’t really see character as something to be transformed, it looks to me as if it’s a given set of cards you can use in different ways. Anyway if change was possible, it’s not the focus in my case…it might happen as a collateral effect but it’s not what I am specifically aiming to accomplish.

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