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Despite a proliferation of other protagonist in folklore, it remains the case that the most quintessential “hero” story and monomyth is nevertheless the Fe one in the modern understanding.

I don’t understand, @auburn: Are you saying the hero’s journey proper is Fe? Isn’t it the ego’s journey? How is it Fe? I think Fe is one iteration of the hero’s journey, not it. Perhaps we need to dissect the journey itself and see what about it is Fe versus the universal individuation story?

Let me give an example of myself: I certainly feel myself as someone on a journey. To get somewhere, even if not to “become”. Somewhere like living my “true life”. This is a theme that repeats itself even in my dreams. Every person by virtue of being born in a changing world will experience their lives like some kind of story. Stories themselves are reflections of our journey through this changing reality. The hero’s journey is a simplification of that journey.

I agree that Fe is a hero, but to equate “the hero’s journey” with Fe seems to me very erroneous.

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