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  • Type: FeNi
  • Development: llll
  • Attitude: Directive

For sure the idea of being called to a “pre-assigned” communal rule is positively stomach-churning to me. It sounds more like a prison than a calling. Breaking free of such “duties” is a fundamental part of my myth.

When I think of my journey/yearning, I’m trying to be myself (express my talents/gifts/nature): That’s the goal. It involves explicit rejection of any pre-assigned or socially prescribed roles or roles imposed on me. Rather it’s more like a flower blooming. That’s my idea of individuation (for me). Anything else I consider toxic

@fae I hereby declare that your communal pre-assigned calling is to express yourself and reject any prescribed roles!

Jokes aside, I would say that the description being passed around gives it more of an Fe tint/shade, this whole talk of rising to power etc, but the story structure properly is much more general, for instance the hero returns to where he/she starts with something of value, not necessarily becoming the King of His Domain, that is more of a specific manifestation of it.



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