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So, like I said, we need to differentiate between the story of the ego (individuation) and the hero as an archetypal character in stories (Fe).

Between the hero/protagonist and the hero character (Hero Xter) 

For example, in Moanna, the protag is a hero in both senses but Maui is the hero xter (as well as trickster). He is “the champion”, accomplishing feats on behalf of his people. It’s in that sense I understand Fe hero (saviour/champion archetype). It’s a particular role that shows up in stories, same as King, Jester etc.

Moanna does the same but she’s also the protag (ego) in the story; so she embodies universal elements as well as characteristic hero Xter elements.

So Moanna as Hero/Protagonist experiences:

  1. A calling/mission
  2. A journey/adventure
  3. Obstacles/defeat/victory
  4. A return home


We can’t claim these for Fe. We’ll find these in most stories that humans have told.

Moanna as the hero role/xter: She’s champion/saviour in three different ways and to four sets of characters but basically, she does for her people what no one could or would do. Bring back the fish and the seafaring!

I see this latter as hero Fe; but the first “hero’s journey” elements as simply universal elements of stories and in particular, the psychological story of the human ego. The hero role/character fits in with King/trickster etc; but the hero’s journey is way too far: that’s the ego, not Fe or any other function.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve avoided ego in the myths that we’ve ended up assigning it’s place in the pantheon to one of the lesser characters (functions). But the ego is like God/gods in stories: Its place is standard and we shouldn’t confuse it with the roles.

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