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So you are claiming that the Hero’s Journey Ă  la Campbell is fundamentally Fe? When I said a while back that the fundamental question was whether

The fundamental issue is whether or not the Fe myth is that of the Hero.

I meant Hero in the Hero’s Journey way. I still hold that this is the meta-story and is archetypically universal. I have no problem seeing a story like Bilbo Baggins’ following this meta-structure, for instance. In my own writing, this structure has come up again and again, even before I knew about this view – though I realise this could be my Fe manifesting itself.

I have no problem leaving the word Hero as is, also seeing how the other function myths already have rather generic names – one could clearly imagine an Fi user embodying the myth of the Cosmos, for instance – as much as with claiming all of Western civilisation has been dominated by an Fe myth – I find it hard to see all those snarky Te users throughout the ages swallowing that pill.

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