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I honestly resonate more with Mother Mary than with any other saint; I like her kindness. But I also think many religious people naturally tend to believe sex is a sin and women’s main role is that of mother and given the cultural context, no wonder. :))

I don’t really feel a need for a warrior goddess or for a goddess who is sexually bold. But I would like to be able to religiously think of a deity who has some romance stuff going on.

Different women have different needs and proclivities. Personally, the lack of ‘war’ in female figures is a problem for me, though I also don’t like most fake-warrior-goddesses that are portrayed in Superhero myths nowadays.

Basically our culture has two types of female heroes in Hollywood

  • Helpless pretty princess who is won over by a guy who is chasing her. This man manages to get her attention through virtuosity and heroics even though he is average looking. Her role is being pretty, perfect, kind, inspiring and classy, but rejecting him until he individuates.
  • Tough, man-like warrior Goddess who don’t need no man. She is basically a man in womens’ clothes – and by womens’ clothes, I mean armor that barely covers her triple-D boobs.  Everyone wants her, but she is depicted with her boot on top of a guy’s face and blood in her mouth. She really really don’t need no man, don’t you know?


Neither of these archetypes are remotely relatable. I want to follow a woman who individuates and also has a sex drive and.. gasp… feelings!  Like you know, sensitive vulnerable feelings for a guy.  A heart, a soul.

Where are the women who are strong and have their own interests, but ALSO obsess over men of their own choosing? (Much like men do in movies?)  Where are the women who have to work hard for their talents and virtues, and who win over beautiful men through virtuosity and individuation?  In what fictional story does the love of a man inspire a woman to improve herself – as in – her personal traits (unrelated to family & children)?

That has basically been the story of my life, but if I wrote it into a fiction story, nobody would relate or find it believable. 😛  I find that my mindset translates much better to a male character, and the men I’m into tend to translate better to women characters. I am not quite a tough, rugged, cold hearted warrior woman – as I’m too boy-crazy and romantic — but I’m also not any kind of ingenue who can be chased and ‘won over.’ I know what and who I want. So basically this personal complexity of having my own desires and interests which are unrelated to having children, while also being romantic and strong willed, makes “fictional me” better off as a man.

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