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Jews sure are in a strange position in this world; hated by Alt-righters and SJWs alike. Yes, I heard about Gal Gaddot’s troubles, though I heard about some Muslim people (and even countries) rejecting the film merely because the star was Israeli, which I thought was strange.

You can really judge a group by how they treat the Jews.  The Jews are the canary in the colemine. “First they came for the Jews….”

This is one of many reasons why I don’t trust SJWs or any type of  leftists nowadays. I’ve been on the receiving end of institutionalized racism in leftist schools all my life. These are not really equality rights activists. It’s all talk.  It’s all about power.  Letting more immigrants into the country means that they buy more leftist votes. That’s it. They don’t really care about racism and discrimination one tiny bit. It’s not like they’ve actually made progress with black issues while in office either. The black population is starting to notice that Trump’s policies have actually served them better. Not that Trump is any kind of saint, but the left does nothing to solve the real issues that minorities face, like unemployment and police brutality. For the left right now, it’s all talking points for the sake of getting votes.  The Right says all the wrong things, but at least they make more efficient policies. Anyway, I digress.

Poor Gal! She first dealt with hate from Wonder Woman fans because they didn’t think she looked like Wonder Woman (her tiny boobies and slender physique); with American xenophobic fans who didn’t want Wonder Woman talking with a non-American, Mediterranean accent (despite the Amazons being literally Mediterranean!); and then she dealt with some angry Incel types hating on the film for being (allegedly) feminazi or too ‘women power’; then finally she had to handle Jew-haters. Give the lady a break, lol! No harm done though, her film did very well despite the boycots.

I can guarantee that most of the backlash on that list was related to her being Jewish, even if they veiled it thinly behind other insults.

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