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@animal – oh, yes, these are the types of women portrayed by the media.   The problem is guys want the first type you mentioned.

Hehe. I don’t know about that. I’ve never had much trouble getting guys to want me. 😉

It just depends on what you consider ‘guys.’  Jocks who need some helpless little thing to protect so they can feel manly?  Well, sure, guys like that might be attractive to many women and that’s great for them! I  have a little bit of white-knight in me, so I can even relate to these guys on some level. But, dating them? Yeesh! Why would I? Give me a beautiful, stylish genius any day of the week. Those are the guys who not only inspire me, but also tend to like tougher women.

Regarding the rest of your post – I agree. There’s no dichotomy where a pretty, sweet, romantic woman can’t ALSO be strong and independent.

There are women that are more feminine and homey, and also women who are princessy, who are strong in their own way. There are also tough women that are jerks and just want to make some noise and hate on men and other women. I can’t stand this – I view it as weakness. There are many different ways to be a strong person, man or woman.

So when I talk about what I want to see in media, there’s two sides to it: I want it to be realistic and also I hope for female characters that are really relatable for me.

There are great female characters out there, like Danaerys, who have both soft-heartedness and also personal strength; but she goes about it in a way that’s very different from me, so while I really respect and appreciate her character, I don’t “relate” that deeply.  Arya Stark is closer to someone I’d relate to; she’s a 846 or 486…. but she’s  a bit too Sp-dominant and “I don’t need no man” … not romantic enough.  I also find Sansa Stark to be an excellent, dimensional character for example. I love the way she starts out all boy crazy and then learns to manipulate men. I love all of it really.

As long as the characters aren’t flat, I don’t mind if they’re beautiful, womanly, princessy — I can love women like this irl as well. But I just don’t see a character out there who is quite balanced the way I personally am.

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