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@animal – oh, yes, these are the types of women portrayed by the media. 🙂 The problem is guys want the first type you mentioned.

I think they are looking for this type because if a woman looks like a “helpless princess” lol – she seems easier to control and less likely to run away with someone else or to become aggressive and dangerous. And if she is reserved and not immediately jumping on the guy 🙂 his general impression will be that she is also being reserved with every other guy, so she would look loyal and pure and seem like someone who could inspire him to become someone better, someone who would deserve her.

Of course this view is not necessarily reflective of reality. Someone dependent and frail can develop remarkable manipulative skills. And sometimes women are just playing reserved to get a guy and at the same time go out with lots and lots of other guys. I think if a woman is very reserved – this is a red flag of her being very good at playing the game. Someone truly “pure”, I mean, someone who just loved the guy, would tend to fall easier and wholeheartedly.

But because the competition 🙂 is basically led by reserved women, chaotic Pe leads like me may also use some of the general  “reserved” strategy despite totally loving someone. And then the whole thing is a bit confusing and it is hard to discern real feelings from the game.

Hey, I have my own interests, sex drive and feelings. <3

Oh, about stories in which you have a guy inspire a woman to improve herself. I think My Fair Lady would be a good example. Though it’s a bit different from what you were thinking about. :)))

I think The Master and Margarita is pretty much also about this – but that book is extremely Se…and I can’t remember Margarita’s evolution that well, I just remember her at Satan’s ball, naked and wearing a necklace with a pendant in the form of a poodle and that was getting heavier and heavier and heavier throughout the night. 🙂 And after that, when the ball ends and she could have a wish, she wishes for a woman at the ball to be forgiven for her sin of killing her baby. And then she gets granted a second wish and wishes to be reunited with the Master.

Hm, what else is there? There are really not so many examples I can think of. We should think of artistically inclined women, maybe? Because they would need inspiration?

Oh, of course ! And it’s all over the media. A Star is Born is a story about a woman who is inspired by a man and who develops under his influence. And though they are both talented, the movie is her story, not his. But they are somehow both each other’s muse, you know?:)

@fae – I will come back later because I am at work and you mentioned a lot of very interesting points and I can’t answer all of them now. For posting pictures you use insert – image and pick the image. It will help to set the dimensions 500 – 500.


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