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@animal – I was talking about love, not about attraction, I guess.

Oh, I didn’t think about jocks. I was just saying what I think I see generally. Actually me and one of my friends (also gamma I think) have this particular subject of gossip and I regret mentioning it here but there is a gossipy side of gammas, I guess, and we have the tendency to just bluntly say what we are thinking. So, we always wonder why the hell some of the guys we like always go for helpless princesses. You know, the type who says “I can’t open this bottle, can you open it for me, please?” Or “I can’t go out alone in the dark, can you please come with me?” (she never took the train alone, she hated being on her own etc) Now, my friend has conscious Te, I think, and she basically believes these girls are simply put, fake. Faking it. She doesn’t believe they can be that vulnerable and passive, she believes they are doing it to get attention. I believe they are truly like that and are specifically preferred by the majority of guys for being this way. It’s classically feminine in a way, though we get an ugh feeling when we see it. :))

I think they are strong in their own way, yes, I was not being critical, just stating what I think are the facts.

And when I mentioned the word “competition“, I hope this didn’t make you think of hate. 🙂 I was really thinking about it like you would think about the stock market :))) About the processes that are happening in a certain field and possible reasons.

I think the media actually does reflect real life pretty well. But you are an exceptional person ! Not trying to flatter you but you are. 🙂

I personally mostly resonate with Sansa – from the women in GoT. I also loved Margaery and I am sorry she died.  I am not like her but I thought she was depicted realistically and there are some things to be learned from her. I saw her being taken as an example of soft persuasion on hm…Charisma on Command. :)) Very realistic and opportunistic but still likable and relatable. I regret I didn’t watch The Tudors, Natalie Dormer must have played Anne Boleyn very well too.

I have to run somewhere and I’m late, I will come back later. 🙂

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