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@shelley-lorraine – Oh dear.

At the behavioral level, the difference is very subtle. But I’ll give it a try:

Te+Fi Self-Improvement Fe Self-Improvement
finding your way, discovering your worth
facing life bravely, and returning to your north star
living your ultimate life
doing what you love, being your best self
discipline, dedication and devotion
embodying your truth
awakening your potential
becoming, overcoming, transforming
turning darkness into light
being the pack leader
stand up straight with your shoulders back
treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for helping

There’s a qualia difference here, which I can only articulate at this level right now.

There isn’t anything that is necessarily exclusive to one side or the other. Again, all people can believe all things, but it comes out differently. If I had to sum it up in one line each:

Te+Fi: Find your true self, be that true self, be strong, protect those you cherish and push society forward
Fe: Become your best version, awaken your potential, take your place among the tribe as a leader

If anyone can encapsulate it better, feel free.

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