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  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

This helps me clarify some things regarding my own psychology and for the system in general.

In Fe, directivity means being willing and capable to assert and be aggressive for the sake of doing what is right. Directive Fe is actually noble, in that it can defend against wrongdoings, protect the weak, and also fortify them.

It was initially a little strange for me to be typed with unconscious Fe as my “on the field” career in psychology began as an MHT working 7p-7a in a notorious psychiatric emergency department in inner city Dallas, where I often found myself using my physical body to protect the patients in need of protecting and restrain those who had become aggressive/ dangerously psychotic. Humorously, due to my large beard and curly hair the schizophrenics in particular were especially more trusting with me than others because for the most part they automatically assumed I was Jesus or one of his disciples, and I was not going to tell them otherwise. I was also capable of some wonderful improvisation, once convincing a psychotic patient with a history of aggression who would not move away from the females of the ward [many of whom were sexual assault survivors] that I was a rabbi, and I began an impromptu blessing that convinced him to move to the male bed. I think you really need a strong working knowledge of human relationships and an easily accessible Theory of Mind to manage a room full of individuals with low thresholds for escalation and aggressive reactions.

Upon seeing some further clarification here on what Directive Fe consists of I can understand that even without Fe as a conscious function I am still very much aware of my Fe and can use it very capably, and I have a strong sense of justice and the courage to wield it. I suspect one of my best friends of being an NeTi, and the two of us could not be more different from each other in a crisis situation. One facet of that is certainly experience; humans can get used to anything. But the Directive/ Adaptive dichotomy could also have some explanatory power there I think. I never want to be the person yelling out orders, but if that’s what needs to be done I will do it without hesitation. In that room things could get chaotic and dangerous, and if you couldn’t assert yourself through the chaos you were a liability, plain and simple.

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