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I do have to say I think you’re right about this too! When @pine first came around we were all sure she had conscious Ni. But we could see Fi, so we thought she was FiNi (FiSe with Ni conscious). I found her poetic talk quite criptic, lol, and I have tons Fi myself! I argued with Aub about it a little bit and he mentioned that mothgirl (also FiNe II–) had the same strong cryptish tendencies. Now I see that @elisaday has also been typed the same shade of FiNe (II—, Seelie), and wonder if there’s a more direct relationship between this particular kind of FiNe (II–) and Ni, @auburn?

I mean beyond the tendency noted here of FiNes generally typing as INFJ. (By the way, I did too, before CT. I stuck to it sometimes but would drop it because I came to know Ne toggling lol, and I saw in my vids all the toggling my busy little eyes do, he he! Eyes on crack!) I mean FiNes II- giving off conscious Ni vibes, especially cryptic talk and strong woo-tendencies (Ni vibes in our system, not MBTI).


To me a lot of the problem is coming in because of descriptions.

Having spoken to many Pe and Pi leads on Discord, and knowing other Pi and Pe leads irl, I have to say that the “shamanistic” channeling of energy belongs to Pe, not Pi.

I’ve had visions all my life, synchronicity; my NeFi friend is like this too.

Here, and in most other places, Pe is treated like a childish, “I’m bored, I need more stimulation” function. While all the other functions are given these deep, glamorous descriptions where they tap into the aether in various ways,  both Ne and Se are described as being children  that are bored and have ADD.  Ne is ‘seeking intellectual stimulation” and Se is “doing skateboarding tricks.” All for fun.

In reality, this is not how things pan out. Some Pi leads, Ji leads and Je leads are dull, bored, boring or stupid, just as some Pe leads can be.  But the descriptions make those types sound like the baseline is one of intelligence and wisdom; whereas the Pe baseline is treated as a 1D idiot who just needs some stimulation.

I do think Auburn resolved some aspects of this, tapping into the depths, but I think there’s still more synchronicity, “visions” and tapping into the “flow” and dream-life that is missing from our current understanding of Pe.

This is why most Pe leads think they’re Ji or Pi based on descriptions. Because we simply are not being given credit for the actual talents that we have.  The structural model treats us as “needing stimulation” and being “open ended” with “no need for self improvement” and “no interest beyond the immediate stimulation in the moment” when in fact, both Se and Ne are capable of tremendous virtuosity and channeling the rhythm of the world.  Even in their most basic form, I— .

There’s a certain virtuosity in tapping into the vivid dream life, gathering impressions moment to moment and weaving together predictions, foresight and visions that is positively not acknowledged in any description anywhere; even though it’s pervasive among all the Pe users everywhere. These are often the ones that are spiritual, tapping into the aether etc.

The problem is that Pe leads aren’t writing descriptions. We may appear chaotic to the outside eye, and we are a little chaotic 😉 but there’s a rhythm in our chaos, that we are tapping into , and others don’t get it.

I’m still percolating my own Se description and how to resolve some of this.

I think Auburn comes closer to resolving this than anyone has before. But the more Pe leads I meet, the more certain I am that there’s something huge missing from the Pe descriptions and some of it is being given wrongly to Pi. For instance I’ve talked to a few NiFe’s about my vivid dream life and predictions, and they can’t relate to it.  There’s a whole spiritual side here that is pervasive among Pe users. All the other functions get these deep spiritual treatments aside from us. Have you noticed that?

So this is why so many people mistype as Ni. Jung was prejudiced against Pe, and extroverts in general. There’s all this deep intelligent glamour around other types, so anyone with high ability in ‘cosmic channeling’ would think they’re Ni instead of high Pe.

When reading a Pe description, the word that comes to mind is “shallow.”  One could argue that any function on its own is “shallow” – however the other descriptions aren’t treated this way.

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