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  • Type: SeFi
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Just to be totally clear – before I got to this forum, I had typed myself as EIE (FeNi), @ivory (my husband) as LSI (TiSe), and @thanatesque as ILI with a secondary possibility of ESI (FiSe). I had also typed @spirit_of_the_gael as ILI, with a secondary possibility of Delta introvert. When we got here, my most recent typings of others (all the others I mentioned) had been correct! The only one that was off was my own; and it was only because people like you and your husband kept saying I was such a Beta.

If you recall, right before we stopped talking, I had already moved back to Gamma. I was considering Gamma NT, and your husband laughed at me.

I had my father at Ni ego, and I wasn’t sure which one, until I sent his videos over here. But @ivory had actually suggested IEI and NiFe for my father, more than once, before I sent his videos. So we were honing in on things correctly.

During this time period, when we were actually getting things right, I also honed in on you as Fi lead; but I didn’t make a big deal of it since we weren’t talking. I just told my husband and that’s it. I didn’t want drama.

But I had caught on to a lot of the same conclusions that @auburn did, after I studied a lot more. His typings of others matched my own most recent typings which I had concluded before any of us got here.

That said, I have not exactly been ‘defending’ him. If you check out several other threads, I give him a hard time all the time 😛  but more about the descriptions than his typings. I think his typings tend to be very good. The only one right now where I’m leaning differently from him is @faeruss, who I think may be NiFe, but I’m not stuck to it. And Thorne, who Auburn types as TeSi but I would have seen  TeNi in his personality.

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