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Ok I know who  you are now!

Yes you’re right about everything I said back then – I definitely meant everything I said. I’ve missed you too. 🙂  Don’t worry. The drama back then is in the past. I’ve looked at your pictures many times and hoped we could make up. 🙂

You are right about me – I would never lie to keep up good relations. I’m thoughtful, but I would have found a way to tell you what I thought, if I disagreed. The thing is, back then, I was still new to the system and figuring things out.

Your husband wasn’t typing @thanatesque as NiTe. I was always ok with that typing for her, as we had debated whether she was NiTe or FiSe many times. He was in fact typing her as SiFe, which I thought was ridiculous. And it is.

He typed me as SLE, so good for him – he got closer to my actual type (Se lead) than anyone else had. Although I had originally typed as FiSe, so in a different sense I was close. My brief foray into TiSe, when we met, was never quite sitting right. Some “experts” had suggested it and I had contacted you, because I asked you for help in processing this suggestion. And I appreciate all the help you did give me. 🙂  You always noticed I had strong Se, and you also noticed that my Se appeared to be 4D in Socionics.  It’s just, we were stuck on the idea of me being Beta, and SLE (Fi polr) didn’t feel right to me.

Anyway, I never was against Thana being NiTe, so that’s not true; I was only against her being SiFe.

As for your type and mine – obviously, I was much less educated in the system at the time. I thought I was a Beta; therefore I thought you had to be a Beta too.  Now that I’ve come back to my original typing in Gamma – which I typed at for almost two years before we met — I have learned a lot more about the system. I was  a total noob when we were talking 🙂 so anything I might have suggested back then, has evolved, since I’ve studied the systems in depth.

During our time off, I had talked to my husband about my new ideas about people. I mentioned to him that perhaps you were Fi lead. Before we came here – I swear this on my life. I even told him that if I got back in contact with you, I would tell you this. The only reason I didn’t tell you immediately was because you blocked me.

This revelation came because I learned more about functions. It had nothing to do with disliking you, because in fact I never hated, disliked or resented you. I never could. You’re beautiful inside and out, and I will not change my opinion on that so easily. Unblock me, dammit 🙂


But I understood the pressure you were under. don’t worry. I’m also really intense about my relationships, and loyal, as you point out.

I argue with @auburn a lot. I still have major bones to pick with some of his descriptions and I’ve been slowly mulling over how I want to present my argument. He asked me some excellent questions this past week, and I haven’t answered him yet because I want to give a thorough, thoughtful response. Regarding the Fe description. I’ve also worked on some thoughts about new ways to approach Se, or Pe in general.  But it takes me a while to formulate these things into words.

Anyway… you and your husband always saw strong Se in me. Likewise, after I studied more about functions, I pegged you in my mind as Fi but never had a chance to tell you.

I swear this on my life. This has nothing to do with loyalty. I’ll say flat out that you and I went deep enough that I had more loyalty to you in this scenario. I wish we could have worked out our problems so we could have had this conversation in a way that wouldn’t make it look like I’m “siding with others against you.” Because it really isn’t about that; it’s about my views on the system evolving. I was shit at the system back then and you & your husband were way ahead of me, so I was taking your typings for granted! That all stopped after I learned more.

I just hope you will take me at my word that my opinion about the system is not meant as an assault on our friendship or on you as a person. I also hope you can believe me that I changed my mind about a lot of things before I even came to this forum; including your type; and I just hadn’t made it known since we weren’t talking. There’s absolutely no negative sentiment attached to this. I just got better at vultology and typology in general, and you look & seem like  my evolved understanding of Fi lead.

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