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Elisa Day
  • Type: TiSe
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  • Attitude: Adaptive

okay, @animal I’m at my computer now so I can type out a long post:

First of all, I do actually know you from the Facebook groups and at the time you seemed to very much agree with my type being NiFe in all systems. We would have long discussions about the differences between Fi/Te and Fe/Ti and you seemed to really agree with seeing me as Fe/Ti as well as Ni/Se in me at the time. Perhaps you were just agreeing with me to keep up good relations, but I always thought of you as someone who would be honest if you noticed something off.

“I grew up with a NiFe father and FeNi best friend and I have to say, no matter what you say about yourself, you behave absolutely nothing like this type.”

You showed me videos of your father and described him plenty, and I must say I’m extremely surprised that he was typed NiFe in this system. I think your first assessment of ENTP or your eventual switch to ENTJ were more accurate. I remember thinking to myself that he sounded more ENTJ than ENTP, actually, and explained to you why I was seeing him as more Se valuing than Ne after you suggested it and you seemed to be quite impressed with my perceptions.

“First of all, NiFe doesnt spend long posts saying ‘I relate to this but not that.’ Pi is a more detached, world view function. Jung talks about this detachment too, in his writing about Ni. It is emphasized that the perspective of Ni is more alien and distant, panoramic view from afar. Not ‘I relate’ and ‘I don’t relate.'”

I agree with that. This is from my e-mail to Auburn in my replies to my typing results when I was explaining why I saw myself as more Fe than Fi:

“Another major thing, and Fi people point this out to me often as well, is that I’m always describing myself in terms of how other people describe me and I avoid the “I relate to” traps like the plague. This ‘I relate to’ game is so common in the typology community.”

You and I talked about this as well. It really doesn’t matter what you relate to when it comes to typology as it’s extremely difficult for us to see ourselves accurately. What’s best is to look for the way people use language and their energy dynamics. I even talked about this in a post in this forum somewhere, but to be honest the thought of hunting that down here is exhausting to me. I still haven’t quite figured out how to navigate these forums gracefully yet, but I think I said something to the effect of, “what I relate to may not actually be how I really am.”

However, that’s the game that everyone is playing here and everyone keeps asking me what I relate to. It also is interesting that Auburn will change the definitions if we can’t relate to them to suit our vultological type, but I was starting to think that if I’m mistyped then that would sabotage the whole system. This is why I want to clear everything up now.

“Your posts, by contrast, are more personal, visceral. I can practically taste your frustration, sarcasm and annoyance.”

I am a bit frustrated and annoyed, yes, but mostly because of things going on in my personal life. I’m venting a bit here, I suppose, because it’s serving as a distraction. I have certainly seen other officially typed NiFe vent their frustrations in these forums before. There was that time the youtuber Chuck came in and defended his INFJ-ness when everyone else was typing him as Fi and Auburn eventually came in and agreed with him, but things got so heated with him around that topics were getting closed down. It was funny and entertaining, actually. I’ve also seen Leahnorra (I don’t know her username here) vent frustrations about personal issues she was having and it was loaded with pathos. I believe Fe is just as, if not more so, emotive than Fi. The NiFe with conscious Ti have been less likely to do this as far as I noticed.

“This isnt a criticism. I love tasting emotion. I am highly personal and visceral and self referencing myself.”

Yes, you are. Times 1,000, and it’s pretty awesome.

“But your personal interaction style is just too… subjectively based.”

Perhaps so, but I’m extremely confused and am using these forums to try to crack this mystery as I can’t really talk about it anywhere else. The mask of the anonymity is (was) really helping my ability to speak this way.

“Always going back to your personal relation with things as a subject. This is part of why Socionics calls Fi ‘relations.'”

Hmm this is interesting, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Socionics Fi is about the relationships between people and knowing the proper distance to keep. It monitors closeness as well as revulsion towards someone. It manifests as distancing or engaging with people.

“Confusion over FiNe and FiSe is one thing, but someone like you ending up as Ni… I personally wil be mindblown if this happens. It simply doesnt fit the pattern of what Jung, Socionics, and CT describes for Ni at all.”

Again, you were definitely able to see it before. Back then I rarely talked about myself at all though. The focus was always on you, everyone else, and navigating these systems.

“I mean where do you see distant panoramic world view in yourself? Or aphoristic speech? Can you pick out one example from your past fifteen posts? Or any on this forum?”

Perhaps not on this forum as I’ve only been using it to try to clear my confusion, though rather unsuccessfully. Again, the idea of going back through it is exhausting. There was one conversation on Facebook we had when you said you were sure I had 4D Ni. We were discussing environmental concerns and I said something to the effect of believing all biological functions serve a higher purpose and humans were likely put on this Earth to manufacture plastic as perhaps an attempt to create a protective barrier on the Earth’s surface. Later on I saw a video with George Carlin (whom I believe is typed FeNi here) and he had the same idea.

“Also where is Fe emotional shepharding? Where’s the warm persuasive quality of Fe? Compare the tone of your posts to Faeruss. You have yet to say to someone “let me help you figure that out.” This is the mentoring stance of NiFe, regardless of their prior expertise around the subject at hand. They take a counseling approach.”

My world has been turned upside down since I received this typing and my questions went unanswered. I had promised Auburn I would try to be more active in these groups, but everything is so different now. For three years I was in the old forums lurking  and posting occasionally to offer up my perspective on a person’s type in the Type Me thread. At the same time I was helping you try to figure out  your type through Socionics as well as introducing you to Cognitive Types and teaching you the vultology methods. You picked up on it much faster than I did, however, as you are better at noticing small nuances and details in the micro-expressions. In the facebook groups I played the role as the guide for the lost. There’s nothing more frustrating to me than seeing people confused about their identity and I wish to help them.

Now I’m the one who needs help. It happens. That sense of knowing and understanding I had before is in flux and I won’t have the authority to offer up help or advice until I can resolve this haze that’s currently clouding my mind.

As an aside, I want to apologize for blocking you on Facebook. I did it because my husband at the time wanted me to and I was suggestible to his force. You had blocked him, ironically, because of an argument following his suggestion that your friend was NiTe, which is what she ended up getting typed here. She was identifying as FiSe at the time and you defended her much like you are defending Auburn here. That’s something I’ve always admired about you as well: your fierce loyalty. I really have missed you.


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