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  • Type: TiNe
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Also, there are two Ji functions, so I wanna go more into them separately:


Of the two Ji processes, Fi is more appropriately focused on identity because it is embodied moral expression. It matters to Fi that they not only hold the truth conceptually but that the truth exists within them/as them, or that they can be a clear channel for it. Metabolically speaking, this happens because Fi is biotic and connected to the emotional register. So these values are coming from the well of their being and are embedded in the fabric of that specific subject. This is what leads to Fi’s idiosyncratic expressions and the championing of its own essence. It matters that they be the embodiment of that truth — thus their personal identity becomes emblematic of their idealistic structure.


Ti is a bit less straightforward, and if placed on a scale we see more Fi individualists and identity-focused people than Ti’s. But we still do see Ti-lead individualists such as recently in this post. This lower representation happens because of Ti’s abiotic nature, which distances itself from the emotional register and views itself “beside-itself” in some sense. However, although Ti seeks to come up with a third-person scaffold/castle, they still very much hold it as their own project.

So for example, TiSe Elon Musk has proposed ‘universal’ answers to a sustainable energy future for humanity (third-person) but he has a very specific idea and plan for how to do it, what it should look like, what is the ideal outcome and what starting axioms/principles it should be based on. So he ends up being very involved in his ventures, obsessive and perfectionistic, despite him viewing his projects (like SpaceX and Tesla) as collective in their ambitions and focus.

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