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  • Type: SeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

@elisaday – I think your dry eye problem could make your typing more difficult.

The Ti description is meant for all Ti users but you don’t look like a conductor or like a Pe lead and I did some research of your previous posts and saw that you mentioned many, many times how you don’t resonate with Fi at all and that you resonate with Ti. You also mentioned you have been typed as Ti lead before. This is why I mentioned Ti lead.

To be honest, my first impression was that you are not an Fi user. Because I did not feel that our interaction was similar to my interactions to other confirmed Fi users.

But now I realized I might be wrong because I was only considering PeFis ! This may be subjective but if you look at conversations between PeFis you can’t miss the fact that we open up very fast to each other about emotional topics and every post of one of us is followed by posts of others that tend to be subjective and emotional. I did not see any exception till now and I don’t see any major difference between NeFi and SeFi or between seelie Fi users and unseelie Fi users.

But this might not apply to Fi leads ! Fi leads tend to Fi in a different way than PeFis. 🙂 I noticed this with Chalier and Pine. They don’t usually say things like – oh and this happened and I felt this way !!! OMG, I also felt the exact same way when this other thing happened !!!

I have no idea how this is explained by CT but I could give you countless examples of PeFi conversations that go this way. We have one in the thread about Female Figures in Religion and in the Media. If you observe, me, Animal, tea and fae are all doing this and it goes on and on and on. Almost no adaptation to the other is needed, the talk just unfolds.

Now Fi leads tend to talk in a more abstract (?) way. Like Ti leads also do. And this is what I was getting from you and what made me actually doubt you could be an Fi user. But I did not consider that Fi leads can be so different from PeFi.

For example look, you said this (no idea how to quote) :

`CT seems to work entirely differently and I’m more interested in cracking the code than talking about emotions and feelings right now. My apologies for not answering your guys’ questions, but I thought about it all day and couldn’t find a satisfactory way to word what I was thinking.’ 

And my first thought was there is no way you can be an Fi user. And I was thinking this sounds like Ti…but no, it just sounds like strong Ji -defining things and finding out the truth. Compare to how Ni conscious people like faeruss express themselves – they already know (!) and express it half cryptically and in a…symbolic way, so you can see it too, as a world view can not be transferred directly to the other person’s mind by explaining things abstractly.

So, I might have been wrong about you not being Fi lead (now I see both possibilities of Fi and Ti). It’s anyway wrong to make assumptions that are not based on vultological checks.

Another thing is that you can totally not relate to a function and have it and it can be your first function. (this happened to me with Se)

About the way you compare functions – I think it would be better to compare Ni to Si, Ne to Se, Te to Fe and Ti to Fi. You can’t really compare Fi and Fe, they are doing different things. Even better if you could compare Ti-Fe to Fi-Te and Ni-Se to Si-Ne.

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