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Elisa Day
  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@scientam Thank you for the input. I’m actually quite familiar with her videos and many of the things she experiences have been how it is for me as well. She talks about feeling like she doesn’t have a body: that she’s just a floating ball of energy. That’s how I’ve described it to people as well.

It’s her vultology that I think matches mine the most out of all of the other exemplars. When I play the videos side by side it seems almost exactly the same to me. The only differences I would comment on may have something to do with her being directive as I think I would be more adaptive. Auburn said the similarities were compelling, but he saw a difference and couldn’t explain what they were.

Thanks for your input as well. I appreciate you actually giving reasoning behind your perceptions. I have a LOT to say in response since you asked me to gather evidence, and I can certainly do that. It will have to wait until later tonight though.

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