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Elisa Day
  • Type: TiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@faeruss my original type was FiNe. I have Se taughtness around the eye area and Se arched eyebrows. However, Auburn said he saw Ne brushstroke toggling (just subtle and barely) and foggy, intuitive eyes that don’t appear to be looking at anything. I explained that I have chronic dry eye (to explain the excessive blinking), so Auburn dismissed all of the intuitive signals because of that. However, after awhile I decided aux Ne is definitely far more accurate than having aux Se. I’m certainly no hunter.

Yes, I relate far more to the Ti description than the Fi description. Not necessarily Ti lead. I think that description was meant for all Ti users.

I ralate to Ni over Ne, Fe over Fi (Fe is the description in this system I relate to most), Ti over Te (can’t relate to Te at all), and Se over Si.

”Now I have three members vying for the NiFe role…but you can’t all be right.”

hmm yeah another poor argument that doesn’t make much sense.

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