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Yes, it’s called web-thinking and it’s how I’ve always described my mental process. It is why I never have to take notes on anything.

Is this Ni? I don’t take notes either (I have ADHD) but if I’m interested, believe me: I will remember everything. If I’m not interested, no amount of note taking will help. I sat through all my grad classes without taking notes. I read either beforehand (when required) or during assignments and prep for exams. I just used the text books then.

I don’t take notes– I’m like a hawk tracking prey when attentive and can’t break it to jot things down, or I draw squiggles, cartoons, and other meaningless things when I can’t follow and the lecture is too long. I have never had trouble recalling or understanding what I paid attention to. Best strategy is to fill my days with ‘lectures’ on things I really do want to know. Anyway, I digress!

Just wanted to say I’m not sure this is an Ni thing.

This is why I’ve wondered about my own Si too, in fact: I have plenty Si things I do quite easily and naturally and positively (I don’t have a negative/repressed relationship with Si like I have with Te) but no Senex energy at all and wish we could separate cognition from energetics.

I really do think you can have very good, positive, efficient use of a cognitive function that you have not integrated into your energetics, so that in that case, it’s more like an appendage or tool than “who I am”. It’ll then confuse you when reading type descriptions. And I think good ‘cognitive’ access to Si in a strong Ne type who is a voracious reader or accumulator of information can feel like ‘web thinking’. But you will not have the overall Senex energy or talents like caution or calm if it’s not been integrated into your energy as a full expression/manifestation/channel of the energy. Just my usual Ne hypotheses.

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