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I know what you mean about “I don’t like kids” wouldn’t do. Haha. I love kids. It’s out of concern for the kids’ well being that I wouldn’t have one. My friend too. He is amazing with kids; he just wanted to focus on his art.

I also love the idea of raising one when they’re older but not dealing with an infant 😀

I should clarify that the men in my life have been obscenely supportive. Of my illness, of anything I needed, of their friends and family, etc. I am not trying to make it sound like I’m anti-men. If anything I’m anti-humans. ha ha ha.

But I’m talking more about ‘expectations’ for women that men aren’t necessarily aware of. As I mentioned, most of the men in my life have been aware of them and have thought about them realistically. And I don’t mean just my own exes. Also my male friends, relatives, their friends and so forth.

But I also hear a lot of stories from friends of both genders, about things that their partners don’t realize. This thread was about women so I talked about mens’ blindspots, but women can have a lot of blindspots too. Like the conundrum of “a man can do nothing right.” If he’s aggressive or assertive it’s wrong; but if he’s a wimp it’s wrong, etc. I find this generally to be extremely unfair, and also very common.


Also @bera and @faerie Thank you both for the kind words. You both melt my heart too <3 <3


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