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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@hrafn – That idea posits that the N “removal from literality” and it’s “surreal” disposition adds a layer of distance from tangible engagement with the world, yes. I think that’s correct. Ne can be consumed in a more digital or imaginary trajectory (video games, internet) and engage its exploration through that avenue while being suspended from bodily concerns or tactile feedback.

I hadn’t thought about how an Si-lead would experience their conscious, but polar, Ne’s exploration. You seem like an interesting case study in this regard. I wonder what @meta might have to say about it.

But I’m also wary of this idea because my observation has been that “N” vs “S” and “T” vs “F” differences break down after l— development. A person with both their N/S or both their T/F functions conscious breaks the pattern and makes the categories useless.

However, I do see the potential for N/S and T/F differences to be resinstantiated if a higher level of resolution can be achieved, in which essential differences are observed even within those who have conscious use of their lower functions. My personal sense has always been that there is a distinction there, but I haven’t seen member agreement on it — or any description that is satisfactory in a scalable way.

I would love to describe what it means to be a Beta ST versus a Beta NF… or an Alpha NT versus an Alpha SF… regardless of development levels. The question is — what are the differences and how are they to be described.

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