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  • Type: SiFe
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I always like to say that in CT, if you’re sitting by yourself in your room playing video games, you’re actually engaging Pe – an extroverted process because you’re engaging with objects. Or if you’re shut in with your computer, but absorbing lots of media content, that is still cognitive extroversion, even though it’s social introversion.

To the extent Introversion is sometimes taken to mean “seeking (literal) environmental stimulation” I actually feel like in some ways I can actually be more “extroverted” than some Ne-leads I know. In general, I can only go for so long at one time with my nose in front of a book before the actual, physical discomforts associated with reading make me want to get up and do something more physical, even if it’s just chores. If I’m looking at a screen, I have at least peripheral awareness that I’m staring at a piece of plastic, not a portal into another world. If an entire day were to goes by where I don’t go outside or leave the house, I’ll feel glum about it, like I’m letting my life slip away rather than actually living it.

Another interesting thing about reading is that–probably because I’m a cognitive introvert–I can’t read very fast because I usually have to stop every few paragraphs and mull over what I’ve read for a little bit. (If the book isn’t very engaging, I can easily get siphoned off into Ne-daydreamy land during these moments). My brother is an Ne-lead and growing up, he was a far more voracious reader/gamer, etc., and could be pretty antisocial. He could become so engaged in things like video games that he’d become quite oblivious to his physical surroundings. I was more of an “explorer” in a literal sense–I was more interested in traveling, outdoor activities, going to events, trying new things, meeting people, looking for distractions, making maps of new places in my head, etc. I’ve generally been a social introvert, but at some times of our lives my brother has probably been more socially introverted than me–although he certainly has a more “extroverted” way of articulating.

Anyway, I’m assuming these differences might relate partly to the fact that I lead with an S function, and if so, it seems like maybe some popular conceptualizations of extroversion/introversion correspond with S vs. N to some extent. i.e. in some places I feel like I’ve seen the difference conceptualized along the lines of engagement with external stimulation, but without appreciation for the particular character of Ne.

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