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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@shelley-lorraine – Oh as far as I can tell just about anyone can be socially introverted. You just have to dislike or fear people enough. It doesn’t say much on its own about your psychic processing. For example even a double-extrovert like a TeNi l-l- (Te+Se) may identify as a social recluse, and thus “introverted” even though they’re probably go-go-go and consumed in their own enterprises.

My note about Ne-lead ll– types is just to say that they actually have a fair level of cognitive introversion involved as well. And that the MBTI’s INxP types lack Ji-lead psychological features — thus describing them somewhat as introverted Pe-leads. But actual FiNe and TiNe can fit the profile too just as I fit parts of INTP. So none of this is an exact calculation or conversion.

It’s a failed mission from the very start, to try to find perfect parallels between the two systems. So this is not mean to be a pristine translation algorithm, since the very fuzziness of MBTI (and its lack of consensus on most matters) will inescapably lead to people typing all sorts of ways depending on what sites and descriptions they’re going off of. My goal with this thread is moreso to broadly explain why we see some patterns across typings of new members, and to perhaps ease their minds about what is and isn’t true about some of the more popular descriptions they’ve likely heard before and identified with.

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