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Shelley Lorraine
  • Type: NeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

The second third of the confusion comes from the way Ni is described; namely as a function of inner intuitions, hunches, and insights that germinate from within first and congeal suddenly into revelations. This is simply not the case for Ni and is not how it operates in reality. What we’ve seen instead is that Ni (proper) doesn’t have epiphanies or “aha moments” and that is more of an Ne quality; these sudden bursts of synthesis.
This is why one of Ni’s signals is “unimpressed” eyes. Ni doesn’t experience surprise or “oh wow!” moments because the things Ni knows come from the unconscious and passive accumulation of data-points throughout decades of life– all of which mesh into a tapestry that gives them archival knowledge which they access whenever something needs to be looked up. Hence, for Ni the sensation of intuition is more like “of course” or “obviously” than it is surprise. And this is why Ni is fatalistic when at its extreme, because of its voluminous archive.

Ooooh, far out! This is one of the big reasons I used to self type as an Ni lead long ago. Why does mbti describe Ni like that?

In short, I think real FiNe find the INFP description too whimsical, fantastical and poetic. They see themselves as much more serious, judgmental, but also affected by other’s emotions in a way that INFP profiles don’t describe. And their intuitive insights appear to them as being longstanding conclusions rather than real-time brainstorming.

And, in a kind of musical chairs escapade, real NeFi’s find themselves fitting the INFP profile because they actually are whimsical and fantastical in the way it’s described, while being introverted yet living in an open-ended/exploratory fashion the way “P” type are described.

Ever the outlier, I’m an NeFi who typed as INxJ.  My youngest sister is an FiNe who types as INFP, entirely embracing the whimsical description. ;p I blame my self-typing on my Te, not sure how to explain my sister’s type.

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