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Yes, this is meeeee!

1) Introversion: I’m literally the most socially introverted person I”ve ever met (I know it sounds hyperbolic, especially given my extreme silliness on discord, but I swear it’s true, you guys.) Deciding to leave the house without necessity is a battle I fight with all my strength. I call myself a hermit because I can disappear into a house (or a room/small section within a house) for weeks at a time. I think if it were not for needing to buy food and generally being forced out, I could go six months straight without ever leaving a section of the house (Again, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here.) I think it’s quite dangerous if you’re looking to form face-to-face relationships but otherwise, I just don’t need to leave my place and socialize 9/10 times.

2) Curiosity: What I’m constantly doing though (in that hermitage, in a bus, in an office–everywhere!) is permanently looking up and discovering all sorts of new things on the internet just for the heck of it. My mom wonders what the use is of all the ‘useless’ information I gather (and share)–which makes me wonder sometimes if she’s Ne lead after all (?). I’ve never understood people who need some kind of justification or reason for knowing things. It’s just interesting! Why is that not enough?

In academia, they make you justify the uses of the things you’re studying and that always boggled my mind. Knowledge is valuable for its own sake as far as I’m concerned. But now that I realize it’s the bottomless pit of my Ne curiosity talking, I understand them a bit more too!

Those guys who have careers on youtube just talking about fantasy stories, myths, superheros, and other geeky things are my heroes! Literally figured out a way to be paid for just being naturally curious. Ain’t that interesting? Anyway, I digress.

3) Wonder: I’ve discovered as I write my books that it’s not optional! If there’s no wonder, there’s misery and greyness and gloomy bland castles. For me, wonder is the pure pleasure of contemplating an idea, an interesting thing about how the world works, and stories.

I tried lucid dreaming once a few weeks ago and only managed I think a minute or two of lucidity before I ‘fell asleep’ and dreamt for real, but my impression of that one minute or so is that my imagination or ‘dream world’ is a kind of animated realm, with lots of vivid colour and many odd creatures (also of vivid colour), kinda like ‘the smurfs’ but more colourful and with more variety in the inhabitants. I’m guessing this is the stuff I’ve accumulated in all my years of reading stories, watching movies, cartoons etc and my own quirky imagination.

I was writing something very academic-ish (rather Te) a few weeks ago and I was beginning to feel the stress as it took its toll on me when I felt the urge to see Harry Potter (Just a few days before I found the discussions on him here, lol! synchronicity!) I watched all ten films spaced out in three/four days and you know what? It got me out of my rut.

I wondered why before I realized it was “wonder”..that’s the fix I was going for to help me do “work”. It’s painful to work without it. And Harry Porter, especially in the first film, is all about wonders and discoveries, even the soundtracks ignite that feeling! Sometimes I watch Narnia but I couldn’t find it that day.

Anyway, it’s a specific feeling/sensation/experience, this wonder. At least in me. It’s literally delicious. Like food but for the core of my chest/body! lol. Rather than my stomach. If I write from that place in my chest, my writing is described by others as “quirky and empathic”–that’s what I’ve been told is my ‘writing voice’ by people outside Typology. I just figure if they knew CT, they’d say instead, “Your voice is Ne and Fi and seelie”. I think that’s what they’re trying to describe in non-type terms.

I  have another dry, academic voice I know is Te and people say it’s like a totally different person! I had to split a book into two to separate these two voices because people found the contrast stark and jarring. I was really shocked (and amused) that they had been able to pick out Te and NeFi even though they used their own words.

The Te voice is what I use when giving dry info and clear directions and it sucks all the life out of me, oy! I dream of the day when I shall partner with someone with enough Te to take this out of my hands. Wonder (Quirky/Empathic) is my happiness. The dry Te voice brings me not an ounce of joy. I can only use it in short bursts. Otherwise, I’ll get depressed.

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