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Oh, animal, you just keep melting my heart over and over again! (big heart emoji here!)

Now this here…

So now I was juggling an illness that costs 50K a year for medicine just to stay alive; but which prevents me from working full time;

…sounds real tough. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. I can’t imagine. Being jobless for 8 months has grown me 4 new grey hairs just because of the question “Where will next month’s rent come from?” If I had to worry about 50,000 a year just for medicine while not being able to “work hard” (or at least as much as possible), I’d have a wrinkled forehead and bent back already. Kudoz to you!

I really appreciate everything you have to say about women, careers/dreams, children, relationships, marriage, and male expectations. I do have to say I’d be very happy being a full time mom and writing books and blogs when my kids are at school. That to me, sounds like a dream come true. I’m just not sure I can find a man who has the views you described, like:

I really appreciate men who are honest enough to say “I want to work a lot, so my wife doesn’t have to work. Being a mother is a full time job and I want her to be a good mother for our kids.”

I’m trying to establish myself in a new business/career thing and I have to say, my poor Te is about all spent. I could sure use a white knight right about now! I have no problems being a ‘traditional wife’, as long as it’s to a good man. I man I fully respect because I know he’s a totally decent person, good heart, and could put me and my kiddos ahead of himself. I have no problems doing the ‘catering’ things feminists consider slavery (Like taking care of his clothes, food, etc.) Sigh. I don’t know what the trick is, but I haven’t met that guy yet! And I’m a woman who will be deeply sad if I don’t have children, no doubt!

Pursuing my dreams has now become a necessity: No job and no white knight in sight. I think I kinda put myself in this position to sort of trick myself (psychologically) to taking the leaps and risks I’d been afraid of taking for decades.


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