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Wow, you really dropped a truth bomb there, didn’t you, @animal? Hollywood is ruining our lives and we don’t even realize it.

– this made me laugh. Haha, I just say what I see and this stuff seems so obvious to me –  but I guess I did drop a bomb! hahaha.

Maybe I have the ‘truth bomb’ effect because I lack persuasive qualities and ‘subtle delivery.’ There’s a “say-it-like-it-is” that I share with Trump.  Still, I’m a lot more shy, empathic and self-conscious than Trump, so in person I appear nice and sweet.  But online, when there’s nothing but words, it’s like “holy crap, so ruthless!” 😀

I should just learn to own it, like the Hodge-twins.  I will never learn to say things in a smooth, subtle manner, so maybe I should go the other way and stop hating myself for being “too” blunt.

Anyway, thanks for saying “truth bomb” that way. It made me happy 🙂

And yes, that is exactly my concern. It’s not like I have such a big stick up my ass that I can’t enjoy movies like The Fifth Element. But, I also notice certain undercurrents which are very clearly affecting the way people live.

You brought up a good example with the “follow your dreams!” narrative.  I strongly agree with you, @teatime and @bera that it’s not helpful for everyone to believe it’s their duty to discover & follow their deepest dreams.  Like Tea said, if there’s a dream that compels you and pulls your heartstrings, by all means follow it  – with the understanding that it’s not something you’re entitled to, but rather, something you are willing to suffer for, because it’s worth the sacrifice. But for those people who don’t have this big dream gnawing them from the moment they’re born, why not learn to love what they do, instead of  struggling and killing themself to ‘discover what they love?’   @Teatime, I really liked the way you phrased that.

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